Reduce your accounts payable workload by 90%

Our digital wallet technology delivers remarkable efficiency and the promise of education and government.

Reduce your accounts payable workload by 90%

Our digital wallet technology delivers remarkable efficiency and the promise of education and government.

Revolutionize day-to-day purchasing. Track, pay and report with ease.

Streamline back-office reconciliation with all the controls you need for any type of transaction- whether online or with local retailers and service providers.

Give teachers, families, schools, and staff an easy way to purchase and be quickly reimbursed all while maintaining control of the process.

ClassWallet uses patented digital wallet technology to reduce the time and expense of procurement by 90%. What will you do with the time you save? Find out today!

Transform time-intensive tasks into time savings.

Automate small day-to-day purchases

Streamline miles of receipts and manual processes. Give your teachers, families, and staff a nimble way to pay, without losing control of the process.

Achieve complete compliance and control.

ClassWallet’s end-to-end solution gives oversight and helps eliminate fraud.

Access real-time reporting for total transparency.

Boost accountability and support new funding needs with access to valuable data. Get real-time, audit-ready reports.

Eliminate red tape. Expedite vital funding.

Get critical funds to schools and communities with expedience and total oversight.







Propelling procurement for state agencies, non-profit organizations and schools.

The #1 digital wallet for K-12 school business offices.

Avoid risk and improve transparency and requisition processing time by 90%. Teachers and maintenance workers have an easy way to purchase supplies and be reimbursed.

Agencies save millions, gain oversight.

Distributing funds to many buyers? ClassWallet makes it easy for agencies and community organizations to strengthen compliance and reduce administrative costs.

Grant managers maximize resources.

ClassWallet helps organizations make the most of their resources. Streamline disbursement of payments, reduce staff hours, and fully centralize records for grant fund distribution, tracking, and reporting.

Custom payment options for users. Complete oversight for you.

80+ e-commerce partners

Top U.S. retail merchants are fully integrated with ClassWallet.

ACH payment

The ideal way to pay for anything from tuition to professional services. Complete with digital receipt capture and approval workflow.

End-to-end reimbursement

End-to-end reimbursement management system with electronic receipt capture, approval workflow, and direct deposit.

A debit card you control

All the benefits of a PO but without the issues. Specify merchants and set budget limits per store, user, expense type, and department.

What finance leaders have to say.

“We were looking for a system that was user-friendly and would show how the allocated funds were being spent. ClassWallet is a more effective system and is a perfect fit for our school district.”

Seth Sansing, Director of Accounting & Finance, Toledo Public School

“I can’t put into words how much more efficient the process is for these expenditures.”

Shelley Pruitt, Chief Financial Officer, El Dorado School District